I highly recommend Fextern Cannabis /soil /consulting.

I just started with the complete grow system and I love it. I am a 64 year old medical patient and I did not succeed growing good medicine until I got these pots.

The living soil is amazing . Lane. has used his extensive knowledge, experience , and research along with a passion for health and wellness to produce a high quality product .

As a bonus his friendly manner and enthusiasm made it a fun and exciting growing experiment. My small skinny windowsill plants are history. Now I have an effortless garden of robust lush green plants. Thank-you Lane and Fextern
— Karen Klassen

Lane was happy to offer his knowledge of soil to me when we worked together one on one. His passion is visible when he teaches people the importance and impact good living soil can have on a plant.
— Shawn Setyo

Lane is super approachable, knowledgeable, and passionate about cannabis, and growing in general. His connection to the earth translates through the living soil he combines and creates to give cannabis roots of healing. My experience is limited, but with the help of Lane and his soil, I am watching these magical plants grow, so healthy and beautiful.
— Parab Poet Musical Artist