Organic Super Soil Pots

Organic Super Soil Pots

from 125.00

-100% ready to plant, just add water

-Perfect for a 4 plant home grow

-No fertilizer or bottled nutrients required

-Grow your own organic cannabis or food

-Includes live worms, cover crop, and mulch

Ingredients: peat moss, growstone, rice hulls, fish compost, worm castings, kelp meal, malted barley flour, crustacean meal, neem cake, karanja cake, fishbone meal, oyster shell flour, gypsum, glacial rock dust

No-till living soil pots for growing cannabis or garden vegetables. This is a water only living soil, no nutrient mixing or ph’ing required. All premium ingredients and mixed by hand. The pots are 15 gallon transplantable bags by grassroots fabric pots. The best thing about this system is that you can get multiple grows out of each pot with a minimal amount of top dressing after each harvest. $125 each or 4 for $450. Pick up in Saskatoon or inquire for shipping.

Ready to plant grow bags:
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