Five reasons you should grow 4 cannabis plants in your house this winter:

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1) Plant diversity. Cannabis is a gardening geek’s dream plant. Those types who enjoy saving seeds and creating their own tomato varieties at home will LOVE growing cannabis. Cannabis strains come in a multiplicity of shapes and sizes, and are more diverse in regards to flavour/aroma profiles than coffee and wine. Thats right, just think about how many different tasting notes there are amongst wine, think of the different aroma’s of coffees grown in different regions. Cannabis can be bred for even more diversity than that!

2) They are beautiful! Remember, cannabis buds are technically flowers! Small varieties can make wonderful windowsill plants, larger plants can even be incorporated into your front or backyard gardens

3) A food source. Cannabis leaves are non psychoactive, and are highly nutritious and have any medicinal properties. They can be thrown into smoothies, salads, or juiced. Cannabis seeds are also full of essential fatty acids and can be considered a “superfood”. Many people have heard of the health benefits of hemp hearts, now you can grow your own! Your own seeds are probably even better, research has shown that cannabis seed coats, the sort of “film” around the shells, have unique medicinal properties not found in any other part of the plant. Ever make your own sprouts? The same thing is true for sprouted cannabis seeds!

4) Gardening is therapeutic. Ask any medical cannabis patient who grown their own medicine, they will tell you that the growing of the plants is just as beneficial for their health as consuming them. Theres just something about nurturing plants that makes us feel better.

5) You could provide medicine for someone in need. If you do not plan on consuming your cannabis flowers, donate them to a loved one who can use them. Most patients that rely on cannabis for their health conditions can barely afford it. Many are unable to even fill their prescriptions fully. You could provide a loved one pain relief, a good nights sleep, or freedom from their PTSD. With commercialization cannabis will become more available and affordable, but just like food, there will always be a shortage of high quality medicine grown with love, care, and intention.

The legalization of home cultivation of cannabis will provide opportunities for Canadians to learn about and experience this amazing plant. Growing cannabis is a rewarding gardening experience, and has unique potential to benefit users and non-users alike!

Interested in learning how to grow your own? Check out our weekly workshop series at Soul Foods Conscious Grocer starting Wednesday the 19th at 7pm!